The main purpose of the Apollo-20 was an investigation of the mysterious places in Delporte craters?


During the Cold War, which lasted for decades, the Western and Eastern blocs were overtaking everything they could. Whether it was in propaganda, military power, military spending, or technology. As is often said, during the war, the development of technology is sharply upward, as evidenced, for example, by Nazi death squads V1 or the development of tanks during the First World War. During the cold, the race for the extraction of the universe began, thanks to which the technology went up again sharply. As we know, the first man in the universe was Yuri Gagarin of the USSR and the first visitor to the surface of the Moon, Neil Armstrong. New spaces in space bring with them new mysteries.

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VIDEO: Mysterious Beings – Aliens.


In a lecture at the Meta Tech Org. Conference, B. Robertson spoke on the subject: Secret Earth Activities of Some Extraterrestrial Groups, Especially the Markabs, Towards Takeover of Full Control over the Earth. Among other things, he spoke of the fact that over the last fifty years, at least 200,000 Markabians have been secretly immigrated to the country, trained as young civil servants, secret service agents, armed forces and police officers, entrepreneurs and financiers. The whole event was highly concealed not only before the Congress and the US Senate, but also before the world and the Great Galactic Council. The mission of this Marxian extraterrestrial contingent may well be the creation of a “fifth column”, destined to gradually conquer the Earth planet to connect the Earth as the eighth planet to the Markabian federation.

I do not have the authenticity of this information irreversibly confirmed, but the indices available are clearly in favor of its credibility. The significance of this information lies primarily in indicating the origin, mode of infiltration and mission of these “black passengers” of the planet Earth. It must be admitted that these Markrabians have their right identity very thoroughly and they seem to be successfully hiding and skillfully using the modern technology of disinformation and manipulation of information. Sometimes they call themselves the Sirians, sometimes Orion Empire, then Deros, but the Galactic Central Government calls them the only name “Markabbi,” and we still do not know much about their origin and intentions. It is certain that he belongs to one of the most powerful militant groups of the Sirians, probably having close genetic links to the civilization of the Vega system.

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VIDEO:On Mars they discovered a new mystery: The Mysterious Statue is a proof of intelligent life.


The Red Planet is a magnet for extraterrestrial survivors. They regularly come up with new information on what strange and mysterious they have been able to find on Mars. This time, it seems to them that aliens from space could even be religious foundations.

UFO lovers have recently been greeted by a NASA snapshot on a soche-like unit to prove the existence of intelligent life on the planet.

VIDEO: Crop circles and the music of the spheres – crop circles created sound?


In connection with crop circles generally I encounter three questions: Why are most occur in southern England? How formed? Who or what is their author?

From a purely physical standpoint, the apparent condition of their more frequent formation of strong magnetic fields generated by bearings with paramagnetic (+) and diamagnetic (-) elements, and not just ferromagnetism-bound iron. Of these magnetic properties of elements already coming Rudolf Steiner even when used psychoenergetic own terminology: strongly paramagnetic (+) Calcium property described as “concupiscence”, while the diamagnetic silicon spoke of “devotion”.

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Siberia – UFO?


About this unidentified object is said to have fallen from heaven to the Russian Arctic and caused a powerful explosion. Ongoing quest for this mysterious phenomenon amid speculation that it could be a worldly phenomenon. Witnesses describe a pale white glow covering the sky, followed by a glowing object falling by a strong tingling sound and thunder which disappeared in the distance.

Unidentified object reportedly fell into the forest taiga in the area of Irkutsk, 15 kilometers from the nearest village

Head of the regional administration said it was sending a team of investigators to inspect the site and examination of witnesses.