VIDEO: Russian secret BOOK. Alien races part 2


After reportedly losing battle in ancient India against Reptiloidům (exact date and race is not specified) were forced to leave our planet, they attended over 200 years. But, again, they began their visits since 1948. According to this book, this race is extremely technologically advanced. Their ships are largely invisible and they wear some kind of suit that makes them invisible.

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Of the world it is coming more and more testimonies to the mysterious sound reminiscent murmur. Over the years, hundreds of cases have been ed this phenomenon of strange that science still can not explain.Eerie sound that people describe as a murmur or humkanie. Witness is extremely unpleasant and some people claim that they could not bear the noise. Describe it differently – as a soft squeal, hum or sound like a circular saw. What is even more puzzling, most people on the planet have never heard of.

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VIDEO: Russian secret BOOK. Alien races .part1


Very peaceful race, trying to coexist with us. According to this book, it is they who “created” the Mayan civilization that took the human species from different places on earth, and put them to South America. They have a very science-minded temperament. They taught Maya astronomy and the science of the time. They left May and the planet when was this culture to its fullest flowering. After they left, the Mayans began with sacrifices and bloodshed on their behalf. This race he has since visited many times. they come from Capella in the constellation Auriga. Last time we visited in 2001 on the island of Bora Bora

Aliens and human cloning? Videos.


In a lecture at the Meta Tech Org. Conference, B. Robertson spoke on the subject: Secret Earth Activities of Some Extraterrestrial Groups, Especially the Markabs, Towards Takeover of Full Control over the Earth. Among other things, he spoke of the fact that over the last fifty years, at least 200,000 Markabians have been secretly immigrated to the country, trained as young civil servants, secret service agents, armed forces and police officers, entrepreneurs and financiers. The whole event was highly concealed not only before the Congress and the US Senate, but also before the world and the Great Galactic Council. The mission of this Marxian extraterrestrial contingent may well be the creation of a “fifth column”, destined to gradually conquer the Earth planet to connect the Earth as the eighth planet to the Markabian federation.

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Leonardo Da Vinci (1466) – Pieter de Hooch (1670). The iPhone existed 350 years ago?


Pieter de Hooch 1670.

The head of the company Apple claims to have seen an iPhone in a painting 350 years ago. During a conference last Tuesday in the Startup Fest Europe in Amsterdam, Apple CEO Tim Cook and former Dutch politician and European Commissioner Neelie Kroes they shared an anecdote that happened the day before.

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