Amazing Discovery Unearthed in Turkey Dates Egypt Back to 10,000 BC .

4 529 ViewsThis amazing discovery would be incredible and historic enough just by virtue of the fact of its being located in Turkey and suggesting that Queen Nefertiti fled with a small band of followers and escaped her husband’s fate at the hands of the corrupt Amun Priesthood.


Germans . Beyond time and space. NAZI UFO 1935-1945. part3. Secret Nazi Experiments.

18 486 ViewsAt the end of World War II, when the defeat of Nazi Germany was almost certain, the US Army began to discover secret underground laboratories and factories throughout the territories. Missile systems, new cannons, jet planes, an atomic bomb, this is just a fraction of what has come to the surface. German advanced technologies […]


Germans .Beyond time and space. NAZI UFO 1935-1945. part 2. Abandoned 1943 Nazi Concrete ‘Rings’ in Russia.

15 177 Views  Abandoned 1943 Nazi Concrete ‘Rings’ in Russia. Sometimes it happens that a finding at first glance fits into a complex puzzle, and may even serve as evidence that the story is true. So it happened with concrete rings discovered on the coast of the Barents Sea. According to many it is ex-starting devices […]


Germans. Beyond time and space. NAZI UFO 1935-1945. part1

10 006 ViewsFor decades, a rich mythology has developed around the claim that Nazi Germany’s engineers secretly developed one or more super-sophisticated saucer-shaped aircraft and unmanned disc-like missiles. Tat this technology was appropriated by the US or the Soviet Union in the post-war period. The names Schriever, Miethe, Habermohl, Belluzzo are associated with some of these […]


Real alien in a forrest in Spain.Videos.

40 528 ViewsThis alien was captured on video while it was was walking through a forrest nearby an abandoned military building. It was a group of urban explorers that made the video. The alien looks humanoid, but it’s clear that this creature is not from earth. ALIEN???? Zveřejnil(a) UFO.-kruhy v obili a ine zahady dne […]


Ancient Giant Human Skeleton. Unusually large remains, allegedly scientists have discovered in Bulgaria.

16 300 Views According to ancient legends once he walked the Earth giant race of people who built the giant pyramids and buildings as a divine temples. Their existence also tells the story of David and Goliath and countless fairy tales. The mystery is why these people died out. Unusually large remains, allegedly scientists have discovered […]


Are Fairy ,Mermaids, Dragons, , Mysterious creatures real? part1.

17 307 ViewsIn mythology, mermaids — or mermaidlike creatures — have existed for thousands of years. The first myths of mermaids may have originated around 1000 B.C. — stories tell the tale of a Syrian goddess who jumped into a lake to turn into a fish, but her great beauty could not be changed and only […]