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On the morning of Wednesday 4 September 2019, I received a photo and an audio for whataspp, a picture of the face of Jesus on a crushed stone hill in a quarry located about 7 km from the urban center of the town of Villa Hayes.

I started checking with the people who sent me the photo, which in turn received it from other friends. I sent the photo to a friend of ours in Villa Hayes, the teacher Margaret, to whom I asked if she knew about it and if she knew someone who could accompany me to the place mentioned. After an exchange of messages, she confirmed to me that many people had told her that at Villa Hayes the fact really happened.

I came to the city and I met with Jorge, Margaret’s husband, who gladly decided to accompany me by closing the hardware store where he works in advance, and we left.

We walked some dirt roads for about 7 km. On the way we saw several quarries where they were working intensely, and we arrived at the point called Cava 8, where we talked to the caretaker, telling him the reason for our visit, which told us it was absolutely forbidden to access strangers, and that neither those responsible would have allowed us to approach the point where the photos had been taken. In reality there was a sign at the entrance to the quarry forbid entry to people who did not wear adequate clothing and a helmet.

Resigned we only photographed from a distance the place where the face of Jesus appeared, and Gustavo Ortigoza confirmed that, indeed, it was there where the photos had been taken and that he had some, even a video, but when we have them asked if he shared it with us he told us that everything had been canceled.
Then two brothers approached us, one of their project coordinator of over 130 large trucks transporting gravel extracted from the quarry, and adds that about 40 trucks of 32 tons leave daily to the north of the country where the transoceanic route, nr) The transoceanic will cover 570 km in Paraguayan territory – from Carmelo Rialza in front of Pto. Murtinho (Brazil), at Deep Well (border with Argentina) – project already approved in Antofagasta in 1997 by 51 regional governors and 10 Asian presidents.

Work has started two months ago and the work of these quarries serves exclusively to satisfy the demand for the construction of the aforementioned transoceanic road.
Both Gustavo and Gabriel were very kind considering what happened very positive, and that it would be good to make known what had happened in that place and that they truly believe that the appearance of the Face of Jesus is a miracle because they respect God a lot.

They agreed to take pictures with us as proof of our presence as evidence of this appearance. Gustavo and Gabriel wanted the sign to spread, so they called Víctor Cabrera, the person who took the photos yesterday 3-09-19, divulging them via whataspp. Victor told us that Wednesday morning 04-09-19 we could see the image of Jesus again, and what is even more surprising for the people who work on the spot is that, even though the ground continued to crumble, the image remained, to finally disappear.

At the time of writing this chronicle, the media are reporting the appearance of the Face of Jesus in a quarry.
For example, the HOY newspaper headlines: “In the quarry ‘appears a figure similar to the face of Jesus: Miracle or simple paraidolia?

By Omar Cristaldo