Mystery of the mission “Apollo 20”


Mystery of the mission "Apollo 20"

There are several witnesses who have indicated on several occasions on several occasions the existence of top secret space projects. In other words, NASA’s American activities, which were never to reach the public.

One of them is Clark Mcclelland (former NASA engineer) and the other is Robert M. Collins (former US Air Force captain). In Italy, however, researcher Angeli Smaritti found significant statements by two university professors, Mr Luigi Balis Crema and Mr Antonio Castellani, who had worked at the La Sapienza machine academy at the time.

On page 71 of their brilliant work called “L’esplorazione dello spazio” translated into “The Exploration of the Universe” published in Italy in 1997, it is written that at the end of 1992 the Discovery shuttle made its last secret mission was piloted by a military crew. This mission was commissioned by DOD.

Apollo 18, 19 and 20 missions.

Apollo 18, 19 and 20 missions.

1969. Neil Armstong to run mission Apollo 11 became the first man on the Moon. 1970, the planned Apollo 18, 19 and 20 missions were canceled (due to lack of funding). 1972 on the moon landed – within the mission of Apollo 17 – the last man.

In fact, Apollo 18 was captured (secretly), but the crew landed successfully, but a series of shocking events took place on the Moon’s surface, causing NASA and the US government to stop the matter and the public did not know about the mission.

It was not known until 2011, when escaped material appeared on the Internet. Astronauts have all been filming …

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