Video: Hybrid Man Found in China The “Yeren” Chinese Wildman.


The “Yeren” Chinese Wildman of China different regional names such as Bigfoot from the United States and Canada, the Yeti Tibet and Nepal and Yowie from Australia.

This being, is the result of a supposed crossing of its mother with a Yeren. One woman disappeared for several months. When she returned to her village in the forest she did not speak, but states that she was raped and abused several times by Yeren.

Nine months later she gave birth to this strange being who grew abnormally large. Although he had never been able to speak a language, he had a slow understanding of what people were saying to him. He lived up to 33 years of age and was kept and hidden in a small village where little or nothing is known about him.

The woman never wanted to talk about what had happened to her for a long time, until one day she was approached by a team of investigative scientists who asked her if they could study it, but she always denied it, asking them to leave, them alone.

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