Mysterious and Secret Book: Alchemy and Kabbalah

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Mystery Alchemy and Kabbalah

The salt is a solid body and it is most prominent in the art. Sulfur is to turn the soul without the body manage nothing. Mercury then, or Mercury, is the spirit of power, which firmly connects soul and body. Therefore is the name of a mediator. And what would be done without him, not duration. Or soul and body would not die if they also carry with them the spirit. But also the soul or spirit could not endure, if they were not of the body. And neither body nor spirit should not force pražádné if the company was not in their souls.

And all this, when art understood, the body forms a turn and gives the duration: a soul again stained and Ting spirit and everything is fluid and penetrates. Therefore, in this art it can not stand none of that trio from alone. And the biggest mystery has also meaningless because they need to have TO BE soul, spirit and body, but what is it fourth from which arose the three, the plot is about to learn his name, or at the bottom of the shield is a star

Lion, which has its color and strength and its nature and characteristics appears as a bald yellow and white, but understand me well, because it needs a saw. A orb shows a sign of the highest good. In which the four elements, earth, fire, air and water, but also the heavens.

He has no choice than seven words, and which means you can hear below. And when you understand it well, it can not be that you failed your work. Each word is a city and each of the cities has only one goal. The first is gold and is very yellow (sun). The other is silver and is beautifully white (Luna), the third is mercury, which is gray (Mercury).

The fourth is tin, which has Sky Blue (Jupiter). Fifth is iron, which is blood red (Mars). Sixth coThe right to establish a real knowledge of proven hands oath. And from this basic root it is based on seven metals, and much else.
pper, beautifully green (Venus). Seventh lead, black as coal (Saturn).

Have careful how I meant it and I well understand: The gates of these cities is the whole basis of Art. Because no city itself does nothing, because all the others have TO BE present. You also can not do any of vejíti when the gates were closed. But if the city had gates that she would not have anything to settle.

And therefore when they are taken together, there is born Sep seven colors. And it clearly illuminates one another, so that their power is second to none. Their wonders on earth will you find so hear the next message.

Seven letters and seven words and seven cities and seven gates. Seven times and seven metals, seven days and seven numbers. To do bear seven herbs and seven arts and seven stones. Therein lies the whole art and blessed is he who is found. A difficult because perhaps would you seemed to grasp it, can you hear me forth to the next one.

Surely it all I appear clearly and carefully, without falsehood and hatred, as all called in one word: Vitriol is it and who knows, there Kabbalistic way, all computation with diligence – seven and fifty in number found everywhere As .

Let you get tired of work, only he understood me well and užiješ success. Needless I add that it is water that Nemacho. And for her, and she metals zrozují as hard-frozen ice. Wet dust stuck in full wind, and it contained all the virtues.

(This means creating the new body, immortal. Wet dust = baptized body that is “dust”. “The full wind” = full grace of God, therefore reaches one “baptized” of all virtues. The wind, as is known, is a sign it is close to God. Water as ice hardens = is the philosopher’s stone, crystal)

And if you do not know that even now, otherwise you’ll can not appoint.
And now I want to learn how everything he should be ready. The Art leads the seven routes. And if any of them know, you will labor in vain. Above all, you have to know that it is necessary to the success of cleanup. But even I am cleansing the two, but only one of them I will do. The first part is going through it freely and without the addition of any.

This requires a little distilled and gently rotting everything to be deprived of land and then everything is ready also. The first path has two roads and blessed is he who walks after them properly. The first one leads a force of fire namely with him and to ourselves. That you remember. The second path leads on, until we reach the treasure and profit. “

I turn now to the interpretation of this ancient and mystical all-important monuments

Mystery BOOK

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