Mysterious and Secret Book: Alchemy and Kabbalah

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Mystery Alchemy and Kabbalah

The salt is a solid body and it is most prominent in the art. Sulfur is to turn the soul without the body manage nothing. Mercury then, or Mercury, is the spirit of power, which firmly connects soul and body. Therefore is the name of a mediator. And what would be done without him, not duration. Or soul and body would not die if they also carry with them the spirit. But also the soul or spirit could not endure, if they were not of the body. And neither body nor spirit should not force pražádné if the company was not in their souls.

And all this, when art understood, the body forms a turn and gives the duration: a soul again stained and Ting spirit and everything is fluid and penetrates. Therefore, in this art it can not stand none of that trio from alone. And the biggest mystery has also meaningless because they need to have TO BE soul, spirit and body, but what is it fourth from which arose the three, the plot is about to learn his name, or at the bottom of the shield is a star

Lion, which has its color and strength and its nature and characteristics appears as a bald yellow and white, but understand me well, because it needs a saw. A orb shows a sign of the highest good. In which the four elements, earth, fire, air and water, but also the heavens.

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