Know? That even such giants lived on the ground?

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Archeology that seeks answers
Such archeology is called forbidden, because if evidence were to be accepted by official science, it would be necessary to change the books on the evolution and history of man. It is simpler – to refrain from speculating on archaeological discoveries that can not be explained. There are, therefore, some archaeological enthusiasts who are not only writing about this, but they are also trying to reach out to experts who ask for answers.

Almost every nation in the world has in its ancient legends a reference to the giant, the Old Testament not forgiving. The battle of David and Goliath is perhaps best known, and most people know it. Have you already thought, but over what if they are not just legends? What if there really were giants on earth in ancient times? A few scientists have proof.

Official science has been reluctant to do so, but the evidence should convince them to the contrary. Austrian writers and investigators Klaus Don and Reinhard Habeck have published evidence in their book Prohibited Archeology.

It may seem like a fiction or a fairy tale, but the increasing archeological findings undoubtedly confirm that giants on Earth were real.