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Mermaid Skeleton. Video.

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Mermaids are real You thought the only mermaid in Copenhagen was the Little Mermaid down by the harbour?
The Danish National Museum is here to prove you wrong. In fact, it has on display theA mermaid skeleton in the Danish National Museum skeleton of the Haraldskaer mermaid, discovered by a farmer while ploughing his field.

The description says she was likely a member of the Asian branch of the mermaid family, which makes her a rare find in Europe — rare indeed!

According to the narrative, the Haraldskaer mermaid was about 18 years old, with long, thick hair and long, sharp canines. She had a purse containing a shark’s tooth, a snake’s tail, a mussel shell and a flower. The skeleton is complete, though she’s missing one hand — or possibly a fin.

​Mermaids are REAL?