Project Stargate. CIA documents released millions.

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Some 13 million pages of previously classified documents published by the US Central Intelligence Agency on the Internet. The documents were made available online for the first time, after a long campaign, supporters of free access to information.


Zveřejnil(a) UFO.-kruhy v obili a ine zahady dne 18. září 2016

Among the writings are records of intelligence agencies, investigative studies and documents about the paranormal or the experiments. Complete archive consists of almost 800,000 files containing altogether 13 million pages.

Perhaps among them to find records of Henry Kissinger, who as former presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford served as foreign minister. Available are also hundreds of thousands of pages of analyzes intelligence and scientific materials.

Project Stargate
The less common are documents originating from the so-called Program Stargate (Stargate), which dealt with paranormal powers and extrasensory perception. Other special file is a collection of reports of flying saucers or formula for invisible ink, today informed BBC television.

While most of this information has been publicly available since technically the mid-90s, it was to them very difficult to access. The documents could have been only get through four computers situated at the rear of the library of the State Archives in Maryland, every day 09:00 to 16:30 h.